Disconnecting from work can be a challenge, but it is possible.

A graduate reflects on his role in helping to make the original Top Gun movie, which remains relevant today.

Sandy Winnefeld, distinguished professor of the practice in the Sam Nunn School of International Affairs, will lead advise President Biden on intelligence matters.

Joe Bozeman has created a framework to help his peers utilize more equitable data in their energy and environmental engineering studies.

Aviation expert weighs in on how to make the most of the travel experience this summer.

As the Title IX Coordinator, Chris Griffin is the designated Institute official with responsibility for coordinating the institute’s compliance with Title IX and other federal and state laws and regulations relating to sex-based discrimination.

Students use big data and machine learning for neighborhood proposals.

Published April 6 in the journal Pediatrics, the study by School of Economics Assistant Professor Daniel Dench is the first to examine pandemic-era birth data at scale.

The institute continues to expand access to more students from a variety of backgrounds.

Two Georgia Tech professors are addressing workplace and social challenges through innovative teaching around health and wellness.

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