As the university archivist, McGee carefully considers what should be documented and preserved as Georgia Tech history.
Rendering of people sitting in a circular installation outside.
A new installation on campus will celebrate the history and the accomplishments of women from Georgia Tech. 
New research from the Georgia Institute of Technology offers a unique framework for understanding queer communities and their histories.
Nelson’s role, as Georgia Tech's director of Civic Engagement, is to help students understand that what they’re doing in the classroom has an impact on what is happening outside of it.
Recognized among the nation’s most distinguished leaders, three Georgia Tech professors have been selected as Fellows by the American Association for the Advancement of Science for 2022.
Faculty and staff members suggest books, documentaries, and television programs that explore race, identity, history, and memory.
Inclusivity and understanding past policies and their effects on underserved and marginalized communities must be part of urban planning, design, and public policy efforts for cities.
Book recommendations from Georgia Tech Library staff.
Georgia Tech aerospace engineering student Mirza Samnani volunteered more than 1,000 hours to develop early warning systems for avalanches in Tajikistan.
Costumes in the annual Trinidad and Tobago Carnival often inspire awe because of their extravagance, flamboyancy, and — for some dancing sculptures — their size.