Lifting Communities with Smart Technology

Albany, GA

Georgia Smart Communities Challenge helps small and large cities improve quality of life.

Making the Oxygen We Breathe, a Photosynthesis Mechanism Exposed

Atlanta, GA

Life on Earth as we know it never would have existed without oxygen photosynthesis, and researchers have cracked a new part of its code.

Silence to Sound

Atlanta, GA

A new tool can help first-responders use Twitter activity to identify developing crises after a storm.

Researchers Chosen to Examine Antarctic Glacier at Risk of Collapsing

Atlanta, GA

Researchers will send Icefin under the ice of a remote glacier in West Antarctica.

Taking Shape: The Kendeda Building for Innovative Sustainable Design

Atlanta, GA

The earth is finally beginning to make way for The Kendeda Building for Innovative Sustainable Design.

Southface Gives Fulcrum Award to Kendeda Building Project

Atlanta, GA

The Kendeda Building is already receiving accolades before construction is completed.

Supporting Smart Communities Across Georgia

Atlanta, GA

Georgia Tech leads a multi-agency initiative to help local governments adopt cutting-edge smart technologies.

United Nations University Names New Regional Centre of Expertise in Atlanta

Atlanta, GA

Georgia Tech, Emory and Spelman will lead the new U.N. Regional Centre of Expertise on Education for Sustainable Development.

Using Data Mining to Make Sense of Climate Change

Atlanta, GA

New methodology depends more on actual data rather than a researcher’s interpretation.

Hide or Get Eaten, Urine Chemicals Tell Mud Crabs

Atlanta, GA

Pinpointing two crab urine chemicals out of hundreds opens new doors of understanding of how marine chemical messaging works.