Philip Santangelo wants to build a toolbox of mRNA drugs to activate or shut off specific genes to help the immune system fight cancer and other disorders.
National Science Foundation supporting research into the mysteries and mechanisms of noncoding RNA
The EPA is funding the research on the occurrence and concentration of pathogens and disinfection by-products and the environmental conditions favorable to their growth in drinking water distribution systems.
Researchers probe the mechanisms underlying the rhythmic dance that recruits the brain’s immune system
As students return to campus, Covid-19 cases are rising nationwide. Here are some tips on how you can protect yourself.
Starting this fall and currently accepting enrollment, the minor will work to give students practical tools to build mental wellness while exploring the neuroscience behind different aspects of mental health.
The researchers identified the major molecular mechanism behind the transition between chronic and acute P. aeruginosa infections.
Georgia Tech researchers have created a wearable device to accurately measure obstructive sleep apnea — when the body repeatedly stops and restarts breathing for a period — as well as the quality of sleep people get when they are at rest.
In two papers, researchers examined a specific type of stem cell with an intracellular toolkit to determine which cells are most likely to create effective cell therapies.
Stress may be unavoidable at times, but it can be managed. Here are a few tips and resources that can help.