Lifting Communities with Smart Technology

Albany, GA

Georgia Smart Communities Challenge helps small and large cities improve quality of life.

Georgia Tech to launch health technology initiative at the Advanced Technology Development Center

Atlanta, GA

NASCO’s gift to the Institute will support development of health technology entrepreneurs and startups in Georgia.

Four Communities Selected for Inaugural Georgia Smart Communities Challenge

Atlanta, GA

Albany, Chamblee, Chatham County and Gwinnett County will implement smart development through a Georgia Tech-led program.

Tech Square Innovation Week Coming to Midtown Atlanta in May

Atlanta, GA

Weeklong events from May 7-10 to shine spotlight on innovation ecosystem and feature open houses, tech summits, block party and 32nd annual ATDC Startup Showcase.

Goldman Sachs Joins Engage

Atlanta, GA

Georgia Tech and leading global companies started Engage, the largest-ever strategic grouping of major corporations in an independent venture firm.

Personal Finance 101

Atlanta, GA

New Georgia Tech elective teaches students how to manage their finances before they graduate and embark on careers.

UltraView Wins the 2018 InVenture Prize

Atlanta, GA

The inventor, Kolby Hanley, receives $20,000 and a free patent, and advances to the ACC InVenture Prize competition.

A Tensioning Tool for Objects of any Size

Atlanta, GA

The InVenture Prize finalist created an easy, safe and effective strap tensioning tool for any shaped load.

Bringing Memes to the Masses

Atlanta, GA

InVenture Prize finalist Memeois offers a personalized all-meme experience.

A Safer Way to Handle Surgical Scalpel Blades

Atlanta, GA

The InVenture Prize finalist redesigned surgical blade packages so they're easier and safer to use.